Act of Collective Worship

Acts of Collective Worships at Dovedale


The aims of Collective Worship is to develop pupils socially, morally, spirituality and culturally.

This includes learning about interesting cultural traditions and their meaning, listening to stories with a moral message and reflecting on themes such as strength, courage or loyalty.

Collective Wordship draws pupils’ attention to the values of our school.

It is about the growth of the person, their character and social outlook, whatever their academic aptitudes.

Aims and purpose

  • The importance of atmosphere
  • The respect of pupil and teacher integrity
  • The promotion of spiritual (not synonymous with religious), moral, social and cultural development

A range of experiences

It includes:

  • A recognition of the uniqueness of each individual
  • Helping pupils to develop the capacity to transcend the limitations of the physical world
  • Considering ultimate question about the meaning of life
  • Develop positive attitudes and hope

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