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Hello and a big welcome to Inside Scoop!

We have finished our club for this year... Please read our final report below. Thank you for your continued support this year.

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Our Final Weekly Report 4.7.17


Well, what a year we have had here at The Inside Scoop! This year I have been so proud of all the pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 who have worked so hard in each session on a Tuesday afternoon. I will be sad to see some of our Year 6 pupils move on to pastures new but look forward to working with our current Year 5 pupils next year and to meeting some of our new recruits. To those who are moving on, well done for an amazing year and thank you for working hard in the club each week, I will miss you all.

Hi it’s Harriet- I have so enjoyed being a part of inside scoop for the past 2 years, every report, interview and twitter, lesson observations have been so fun and interesting. There is always a challenge to overcome whether it’s picking what to report on or having an IT problem but with teamwork you can defeat it. I have loved every minute of inside scoop and am so sad to be leaving. #Bracketclub

Hey, it’s Haris – I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the inside scoop and wish that I could return. Every report, tweet and interview has always made my day and it has been amazing! #Bracketclub, #Thoroughlyclub, #Eatingcrispsrightnow!

Hey guys its Danny, the best one, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my wonderful time at inside scoop and the many interviews I’ve done but the thing I loved most was Harriet being bossy. #Harrietisbossyclub #bracketclub #I’mthebestone

Hi it is Gabby here- I have really enjoyed being a part of inside scoop.  From the writing/journalism to the laughs and giggles, I know we’ve all had an amazing time ! # bracket club #eatingcrisps 

Hello it’s me, Ayesha J it’s my last day in the Inside Scoop Club and I’m a bit sad. I’ve been in the club for 2 years and it has been really fun. I hope the new Inside Scoop Club will enjoy the club just as much as I have. #bracketclub #eatingfood #byedovedale

Livia here. I just want to talk about my first year in the inside scoop. I never really  thought about reporting or interviewing being fun, when the Inside Scoop invitation came out, I never really knew what I was going to expect. But, I turns out that it is so much fun that on a scale of 1 to 10, it would be a 63. For the next Year 5s I would tell them that they should certainly come.

Cerys here, I have really enjoyed being in Inside Scoop. I will definitely come back next year and hope lots of Year 4 pupils join as well. All of the interviews and reports have been really fun and I am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Once again guys, thanks for all of your hard work and best of luck for the future. May I also take this opportunity to thank our readers. Mr Jones x

Weekly Report 27.6.17


This week, we were due to write a report about sports day, but because of the bad weather, it was cancelled, so we obviously can’t write about it. Luckily, a lot of things have been happening in our school, so we are thankfully able to write about them.

At the beginning of the week, a group called the MYA (Merseyside Youth Association) came in to talk about the rights we have as children. In an assembly, they displayed mannequins representing 10 different rights that we have. Every year group was given a chance to visit them, but had to be careful, since they had come from the TATE modern art gallery and were going to be sent to 6 other schools. We were very lucky to be one of the chosen few!

Since SATs have been completed year 6 have been doing incredibly fun activities like going to Tribeca. They had so much fun creating their own pizza covered with toppings like: ham, pepperoni, pineapple, chilli, onion and much more. After that, we made non-alcoholic cocktails and ate ice cream for dessert.

Tomorrow year 5 are going to the water sports centre as year 6 did last year and we hope to see them coming home with wet hair!

Sadly this will be our last weekly report of the year but we will be sure to say our final goodbyes next week before we leave.

Weekly Report 20.6.17

Last week some of Year 2 and Year 6 went on residential trips, Year two to Barnstondale and Year six to Ramsey, Isle of Man. It was extremely fun for both years as it’s a once in a lifetime experience.

On the Isle of Man, Year 6 completed a variety of different activities throughout their trip such as: abseiling, gorge walking, archery, air rifle shooting and much more. As well as these outstanding activities they spent half a day learning camp craft skills including lighting a fire, making a dam, building dens and making benches. After all of their hard work we were able to watch our very own cowboy sandwiches being made over an open fire. If you didn’t already know cowboy sandwiches are sandwiches consisting of bacon, potatoes, beans, onions, pepper and cheese.

Whilst Year 6 was having a great time on their trip, Year 2 was also thoroughly enjoying their time at Barnstondale. They did many activities including: climbing, abseiling, archery, orienteering, river-crossing and tons more. They were lucky enough to have perfect weather even if it was a bit cloudy.

Both years had a wonderful time and would love to go back! J

This week our school is lucky enough to be holding their own sports day over on the field, so come back next week to see our report.   

Weekly Report 23/5/17


Hi we’re back after another week (yay!) it really does go so quickly. Anyway, last week the whole of year 6 completed their D.T projects which were based on a book we have been reading in our English lessons. The book was called ‘The Watertower’ and so (as you can guess) we brought in materials to create water towers! We had a variety of things to use: plastic bottles cardboard boxes, tissue boxes and paper, straws and much, much more! We enjoyed this lesson a lot and would love to do it again!

This week as you all know, Dovedale is celebrating International Day. Each year is representing a different country for instance: Year 6 is representing Australia, Year 3 is representing France, Year 4 is representing Italy and Year 5 is representing Brazil.

Life after SATs

Hi, it’s Year 6, and we are filling you in on every little detail after SATs!!! For those who are coming to Year 6 soon, after all the hard work, it does get better, so keep working hard and it will pay off!

On Thursday, we completed our final paper (yay!) and the fun began. We went straight to the field and tore open the delicious ice creams!! (Nom, nomJ) After relaxing in the boiling sun, we played on the field for the whole day. The next day (sadly the sun had gone for a sleepL) we watched the Simpsons movie, while surround by comfy cushions and scrumptious snacks! In the afternoon, after our amazing duvet day, we had a three tier (AKA three classrooms) party; in one class we had a film, in another we had a disco and in the final one we had a laptop/IPad room!

Now that we’ve experienced the pressure of exams, here of the tips we found useful:

Try and stay calm and the day before try not to think about it so you go into your test with a fresh mind!

Right before your test, take a few deep breaths and try not to worry you’ll be fine!

Think about the things you’ll get after all your hard workJ

To revise enough so you understand but don’t over revise so you work yourself up!

And finally, read our last report with all the breathing techniques we learnt in mindfulness with Mrs Norfolk!



A weekly report with a difference...

Introduction to mindfulness

As  a lot of you may know, year six and year two are building up to their SATS ,which is taking place next week. We know some of you might be worried about the upcoming events, so we have gathered a selection of tips for you to use to stay calm and relaxed. Thankfully, Mrs Norfolk has educated us on how to use these methods appropriately.


The first one is called FOFBOC (feet on floor, bottom on chair) which is simply taking a moment to focus on your breathing and to clear your mind of stress or worries. Similarly, Paws B, which you can do anywhere or anytime is exactly the same but you don’t have your feet on floor and bottom on chair.  

The next one is Petal practice, this is where you expand and contract your fingers, resembling a flower’s petals, to mirror your breath.

Another method is to trace the shape of your hand each finger relating to one breath. This is named finger practice.

 We wish anyone who has got any SATs coming up have the best of luck and hope they  remember these techniques should they need them.

Love from The Inside Scoop squad


Weekly Report - 25.04.17

Hi, from the Inside Scoop, we’re back and after an amazing Easter break we are raring to go with lots of exciting things planned for all of the school!

With this being our final term, we wanted to share a few of our favourite moments so far…

Livia’s favourite moment was when:

We visited RD and saw an amazing time lesson!

Harriet’s favourite moment was when:

We got to see everyone’s amazing costumes on World Book Day!

Gabby’s favourite moment was when:

We got to watch Receptions amazing Nativity show!

Haris’ favourite moment was when:

I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Mr O’Toole, especially asking him about his mysterious middle name!

Danny’s favourite moment was when:

Doing the assembly for the school and showing everyone what we do in inside scoop.

Cerys’ favourite moment was when:

Interviewing the teachers and finding out lots about them that I didn’t know.

Ayesha’s favourite moment was when:

We interviewed Mr Jones and finding out about our club!


There will be a report next soon on mindfulness so make sure to keep checking so you stay up to date!

Love from The Inside Scoop Team.


Weekly Report - 21.03.17

Last week the outstanding Year 1 did incredible work creating stained glass windows! We were really impressed at their art work. We also saw their work on Newby and the Neurons in the children’s books. Harrison explained that the lesson was really fun to do and that he enjoyed it thoroughly!


Last week in the juniors, we spotted a variety of remarkable displays. A display that caught our eyes was the World Book Day display. We saw some interesting and wonderful costumes showcased on the wall. We sighted pupils’ detailed costumes such as: Luna Lovegood, Diary of a wimpy kid, Bellatrix Lestrange, Demon Dentist, Violette Beauregarde and Miss Havisham.


This week we have been planning our upcoming assembly, interviewing Miss Hetherington and discussed exciting things in the school. We have also planned our next interview with Ms Gwilym.

Weekly Report - 14.03.17

We have been planning an assembly this week to tell all about what we do here at Inside Scoop! We have interviwed Mr Jones and are planning an exciting interview with a member of staff for next week's session! We have seen amazing work across the school this week, we especially loved our visit to Miss Newby's class in Year 1. We have had some great feedback about our Big Report on World Book Day so if you haven't read it, check it out!

Weekly Report - 14.02.17

This week we have been exploring the school to find interesting lessons.

Over in the infants, the reception children were lucky enough to go on the school’s new adventure playground. We were fortunate enough to see their happy faces and hope that we get to see them again. Year 2 have been working on safer internet activities, they produced their own display showing photos and collages of them doing their beautiful work.

The juniors have also been doing some activities of their own regarding safer internet day. The activities were based around emojis, one of the activities was a competition to create their own emoji based around safer internet day. As well as this we went to 5T to watch there paws B lesson with Mrs Norfolk. She told the class about how the mind fills in the blanks when it doesn’t know the whole story and, after watching a video, they talked about how the mind can make things seem terrible before you know what has actually happened. Finally we visited 5MC to watch them doing there computing lesson where they were using scratch on the iPads. They made lots of interesting creations and we hope to observe more of this next half term.

Weekly Report - 07/02/17

Last week the Inside Scoop Team witnessed the outstanding work of our school and our Year 6 crew. On Thursday, children were asked to bring in boxes for a science lesson on light. These children had to create a scene such as a murder mystery or graveyard.  After this the children closed the box and looked inside the box to see if they could still see their creation. The children seemed to enjoy the lesson and didn’t want it to end!

Over in the infants visited Mrs Dwan’s class. RD were learning time for the first time! We observed the pupil’s wonderful work and their talent for the subject.  Mrs Dwan was explaining o’clock to the children and they then arranged the hands into a time of their choice onto their miniature clock.

Throughout the day, the school have been working hard for Internet safety day. Back in the juniors, we looked at creating our own emoji’s. First of all, we looked at emoji charades and tried to solve them. The Inside Scoop seemed have figured them out pretty well! Over in Reception, pupils told their Teachers how they stay safe when they use their iPads. How do you stay safe online?

We will be discussing the importance of internet safety with Miss Turner next week, she helped to organise Internet Safety Day at Dovedale, good job Miss T!

This week we have interviewed Mr McLaren, read his hilarious interview on our Interview section.

Weekly Report - 31/01/2017

This week we have continued our roles as roaming reporters and have grasped lots of evidence of excellent learning around the school.

Over in the juniors we witnessed 4MC unleashing their award-winning acting skills. They were persuading potential pupils to attend our school through their swaying performances. They offered a strong range of skills including; persuasive and emotive language. After interviewing the children, we discovered that all of the pupils were thoroughly enjoying the lesson and would like to do it again.

The children in RJ have been focusing on the story Whatever Next! First they acted out the story in a drama activity; next they absorbed the information and retold it individually using their writing abilities. We were amazed at how skilled the Receptions were and how creative their writing was. After watching the pupils working we recognised how much they were enjoying the lesson and sharing their ideas.

After observing we realised Dovedale has extremely talented children. We look forward to carry on roaming the corridors.


Weekly Report – 24/01/2017


Over the last two weeks The Inside Scoop team have been exploring a new aspect of our club. We have become roaming reporters and every week, in sub-teams, we will report on different events and learning across both the infant and junior departments of Dovedale Primary School. We will share these events with you on our new Twitter page @InsideScoopDPS. Please make sure you follow our Twitter page to see the learning that is taking place across Dovedale.

In the Infants, Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visitor who came to talk to them about Uganda. Year 2 saw a range of photographs from Mrs Ledbetter’s travels to Uganda. She shared her fascinating stories about her time in Uganda and aspects of life in Uganda that were different to ours in the UK.

Down in Reception, Mrs Ford shared her ukulele skills during a Friday afternoon Music session. The reception joined in with her tune by playing the chime bars in harmony with Mrs Ford’s song.

Over in the Juniors we have seen Year 3 learning ICT skills with Mrs Gosney in 3DG. The pupils were learning how to program an animated character on Scratch using iPads. The children were really excited to be creating their own character and we heard lots of positive comments from the excited pupils! As well as seeing some great ICT learning in Year 3, we also saw some RE taking place. They were learning about a biblical story were a man was blinded by a light that was so bright and Jesus healed him of his blindness. This provoked a debate amongst Year 3 and children had to discuss their ideas of how Jesus did this. Was he a Doctor? Did Jesus exist? This made for a very exciting lesson where children shared their differing views.

Next week, we will be looking at many more learning opportunities through the school. Make sure you check back next week.

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