Dovedale Primary School Curriculum


At Dovedale Primary School, we believe that our children learn best when lessons are stimulating, engaging and challenging.  Each unit and lessons are relevant to the needs of our children and the community and planned with a clear intended learning outcome, linked to the key building blocks for each subject. 

Our Curriculum Intent:

We want to ensure our children are learning for life.  We provide learning experiences which aim to develop long term, memorable knowledge, understanding and skills.  We understand that long term, deeper knowledge grows when links are made between concepts, which build on prior knowledge and are applied in different contexts. 

Our priority is to improve our pupils’ knowledge and broaden their life experiences.  We strive to build resilience and for our pupils to believe in themselves.  We aim to provide equal access for all learners; promote a love of learning; a range of life experiences and exciting learning opportunities whilst teaching children about the wider world and to be aware of their own spiritual, social, emotional and physical development.


We embrace the need for an ever evolving curriculum.  Our curriculum is carefully planned to facilitate links between learning and clear progression within subjects.  To ensure learning builds systematically on prior knowledge, we have identified key learning for each subject within a progressive framework throughout the school.  Pre-learning tasks or a learning retention activity are completed prior to planning for teaching and learning.  Planning ensures key learning is developed and opportunities to review and consolidate learning are embedded.

Our pupils are supported to research independently and learn relevant subject specific skills.  By enabling them to become independent learners, they will be equipped with resilience and ambition to Imagine, Believe and Achieve.

Educational Visits compliment and enrich our pupils’ learning and our curriculum is further enhanced with extra-curricular clubs and activities.


We are able to evaluate progress for each child as we have identified the key learning in each subject.  Our effective subject teams across the school work in partnership with our Assessment and Curriculum Leader to accurately evaluate each subject and therefore ensuring high standards across all subjects within our school.  The impact of our curriculum is monitored through coaching sessions, data, pupil voice and learning walks.

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