Meet our eCadets!

3C – Evie Wiltshire
3T – Teddy Collins
3D – Matthew Haydock
3H – Alana Ahmed
4Q – Evie Ryan
4H – Sophia Morton
4Mc – Thomas Williamson – Dobie
4S - Chloe Jones and Josh Robinson
5TH – Rufus Causley
5DO – Bobby Dutton
5R – Joe Scott
5B – Myles Mackie
6F – Ethan Hampson
6M – Thomas Smith
6K – Jess Fozard Bradley
6H – Talayiah Foster


What is an e-Cadet?

Someone who supports the use of ICT technology in their school.
Someone who has a confident understanding of different technologies such as computer, laptops, tablets, cameras etc.
Someone who can help those who are less confident with ICT and can give assistance when something goes wrong.


Roles and Responsibilities

Monitor and update areas of the school website
Review and comment on the school’s website (how it looks, the information on it etc)
Review class webpages and make helpful suggestions or comments
Test and review new ICT resources (software programmes, sites, equipment, apps etc)
Share their skills and expertise with other pupils, classes, and teachers
Give support when others have with minor problems or difficulties
Deliver assemblies
Judge competitions


Latest News

Our eCadets have decided on the winners of the Think Before you Click campaign and announced them in assembly today.

For year 5 and 6 the winners were 6F and 5R

Here are all the winners and runners up for year 5 and 6.

think click.jpg

Our winners from year 3 & 4 were 

Aoife in 3H and Misha in 4Mc. Congratulations, your posters will be seen around school!
think click 3 4.JPG  Thnk click 3 4.JPG


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