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We have achieved the Eco-Schools Merit Award 2023!


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Making our school and our world a more environmentally friendly and sustainable place to be.
We meet regularly to discuss important issues surrounding waste, energy, pollution and susatinability,
and come up with ways we can help our school - and our world - and inspire others to come along
with us on our eco journey.


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Lastest News



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Year 5 and 6 eco warriors were thanked by members of our community while out litter picking this afternoon. We collected 3 bags of litter!
Thanks to Liverpool City Council for providing all the equipment! #keepbritaintidy

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Eco walk. The eco team meet regularly to discuss - not only the school environment, but the local environment of our community, including the field, the streets and the residents that we interactive on a daily basis. Eco Warriors will be doing a local litter-pick walk and interviewing locals to get their opinion on the local environment. Look our for us on the local streets and... KEEP MOSSLEY HILL TIDY!



Our eco warriors were concerned about our wildlife. Towards the end of winter and the start of spring, there tends to be little food left for birds. A bird feeder are a great way to help birds to get through the winter and to attract birds in the area so we can see them up close. Eco Warriors asked for donations of seeds, dried fruit etc so we could make 'Suet Cakes' for the birds in our area.
We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our school family. As always, we thank our parents and carers for supporting the work our children are so passionate about. 
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Our eco warriors promoted a competition for designing next year’s WOW badges. The theme this year was ‘The British Nature Walk’ which aims to bring pupils closer to the nature found across Britain. Although we didn’t have any winners, we had so many amazing designs! 
Here are some of our fabulous entries:
Badge 1.JPG Badge 2.JPG Badge 3.JPG
Badge 4.JPG      Badge 5.JPG     Badge 6.JPG
Also Wow Walk to school challenge. We were 2nd place on the leaderboard! 
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Watch out!  Eco warriors are coming for you, teachers! Because the 'energy crisis' and rising costs for our school, eco- warriors are putting into action their new policy on saving energy. They've done their review, research and survey, and realise that the biggest energy zapper is the interactive whiteboards. They will be coming round, especially at lunchtimes with stickers for teachers who need a friendly reminder to keep devices and lights off at breaktimes and lunchtimes.

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After their latest meeting, the Eco Warriors have decided to run a competition to help remind our school to switch off their devices when they're not in use - expecially teachers! Winners will be revealed in assembly before the holiday break. 

The Eco Warriors November Competition


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