Our intent when we teach music is to allow all of our children, including those with SEND and vulnerable pupils, a way to communicate, appreciate and to inspire. 

  • We want to provide them with the chance, skills, and confidence to utilise music to express and explore emotion.
  • We want our children to be able to use music to transcend race, SEND, countries, religion, and language barriers.
  • We want to expose our children to a broad mix of musicians, genres, and styles so that they can appreciate and appraise music while also being inspired to create their own. 


The music curriculum has been carefully constructed, with learning opportunities and assessment milestones tailored to each year group to ensure progression and repetition of critical learning, knowledge, and abilities. All work in music is underpinned by subject-specific characteristics that we expect the children to demonstrate.

Through evaluation & theory of music

  • We'll combine actions with new musical terminology to offer children the confidence to utilise musical vocabulary regardless of their ability, EAL, or other linguistic barriers.
  • By listening to, debating, and engaging with their music, we will introduce our children to a musical repertoire of influential composers, increasing their knowledge and cultural capital.
  • These composers are representatives of artists who have utilised music to overcome race, age, country, religion, and financial barriers.
  • This musical repertoire will help children develop a love of music by allowing them to draw connections between musicians and create a musical timeline.
  • Our youngsters learn the terminology needed to fluently discuss and critically evaluate music while listening to high-quality live and recorded music. Pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, and structure are all things they can comment on.
  • We examine the feelings represented and/or what the music is intending to communicate as we critically engage with the music.
  • These carefully selected pieces are also used to teach and explore musical notation, allowing children to use their growing aural memory to reproduce sounds with accuracy and control.

Through practical & performance of music

  • We allow our children to explore and use a variety of untuned instruments 
  • We educate children how to communicate musically using a medium that is not hampered by deprivation. As a result, we'll concentrate on the skills required for singing. However, children in years 4 will be taught to play the ukulele and flute in order to further enhance their skills.
  • We will begin to explore notation through singing and instrumental practice on both tuned and untuned instruments, giving our children opportunity to explore pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, and structure.
  • We provide opportunities for our children to play and perform in solo and ensemble settings, allowing them to improve their accuracy, fluency, control, and expression while using their voices and playing musical instruments.
  • As part of our extracurricular programme, we offer additional guitar and keyboard lessons, as well as a choir, which all build on the abilities that students have already learned while playing the ukulele and flute and allow them to advance to the next level of musical proficiency. While also ensuring that they are given more opportunity to perform.


Our students will advance intellectually, emotionally, creatively, and socially in music, regardless of where they begin. Knowledge, understanding, and abilities will be strengthened and embedded so that students can reach their maximum potential and be properly prepared for secondary school. They will recognise that music is a means of communication and will listen to and explore music from various eras, cultures, and genres with respect. They will gain knowledge and cultural capital as well as an understanding that they, too, can communicate through music with resilience, regardless of affluence, special needs, cultural heritage, religious belief, or age. The musical repertoire they are exposed to should serve to instil a passion of music in our children.

They will take pride in all they do and strive to be the best at it. When confronted with a problem, they will show resiliency and the ability to persevere. They will gain confidence in their own abilities and develop a sense of responsibility and pride as a result of their performance.


Wider Opportunites for Music 

This year we are excited to announce that chilren in Year 4 will be learning both the Flute and Ukulele throughout this acadaemic year. We cannot wait to see how their skills develop throughout the year and look forward to hearing a fabulous performance in the Summer term. 

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Latest News

Acdemic Year 2023/24

Autumn Term 

Junk Percussion Workshop

Reception took part in a junk modelling workshop linked to our materials topic. They found out about different materials instruments can be made from and even had a go at creating their own shaker using lentils and plastic bottles. The children had a great time copying rhymns and creating music. Thanks to our PTA who funded this experience.

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Stone Age Composition Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed recreating sounds from the Stone Age with this music composition workshop linked to their History unit. The children explored untuned percussion instruments to recreate the sounds people in the stone age might have heard. Thanks to our PTA who funded this experience.

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School Choir

Our school choir enjoyed performing at a Christmas event in our local area by Penny Lane. They sang beautifully and the audience really enjoyed it!

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Spring Term

African Drumming workshop

Year 2 enjoyed an African drumming workshop linked to their Art and Geography units. They created African drumming rhythms and enjoyed playing as a ensemble together.


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Acdemic Year 2022/23

Autumn Term

Stone Age Music Workshop

Year 3 enjoyed their Stone Age music workshop linked to their History topic. The children created their own soundscapes recreating the sounds that would have been heard in a Stone Age village, such as chopping, hammering and sawing.


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Whole School live concert

Thanks to resonate and their schools concert package, the whole school was able to enjoy live music from Boubakiki a hand pan and saxaphone ensemble. This was the first of 6 live concerts we will be able to listen to live throughout the year. 


Junk Percussion Workshop

Reception enjoyed their Junk Percussion workshop led by Jo today. The children made their own junk instruments as part of their materials topic to creat shakers and drums. It was really intersting to find out what else we can use to create music such as spoons, buckets, sandpaper and coconuts.

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Indian Drumming

Year 4 took part in an Indian drumming workshop with Gurcharan to support their Asian music curriculum. The children had a fantastic time. We can't wait for him to visit us again next year.

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Spring Term

African Drumming

Year 2 had an amazing opportunity leanring about the music of Africa in our African drumming workshop. They learnt how traditional drums are made using natural resources such as wood and goat skin. The children learnt a traditional African song and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

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Whole School live concert

Thanks to resonate and their schools concert package, the whole school was able to enjoy another session of live music from an Irish bagpipe and guitar ensemble. This was the third live concert and we can't wait to watch the rest later this year



South American Samba Drumming

Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous workshop, learning about the different countires of South America and where each instrument orignated from. We managed to create some wonderful compositions, using musical values such as crescendo, tempo and rhythm. 

Samba drummin 2.JPG   Samba drumming 1.JPG  

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Blues and the Slave Trade

Year 6 enojoyed an amazing blues music workshop, leanring about the origins of blues music and how it links back to the slave trade. The children created their own blues rhythms and learnt lots of amazing facts.

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