Reading Ambassadors

We have Reading Ambassadors for Key Stage 1 and for Key Stage 2.

Children are selected to be reading ambassadors based on their attitude towards reading and their passion for books and all things reading.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Creating reading competitions for the whole school
  • Organising and rating school libraries
  • Updating libraries with up-to-date texts
  • Organising and designing our Reading Sheds
  • Producing a monthly newsletter about reading at Dovedale
  • Listening to younger children read
  • Reading to younger children

Reading Ambassador Work

Reading for Pleasure

What a fantastic idea from the reading ambassadors! To help us promote reading for pleasure, we now invite parents to take time from their busy schedule to come and read with their child in school. This simple idea is so effective, and parents and carers are always thrilled to listen to readers without having any other tasks, distractions or disturbances at the same time. There is always a lovely atmosphere in the classrooms as everyone enjoys simply, reading for pleasure. Thanks for organising, reading ambassadors!



And here are some of our Key Stage 1 parents enjoying a 'Stay and Read'




Ambassadors read with younger children

Reading ambassadors have been taking time to listen to and read with younger children in the infants. Ambassadors from year 3 to year 6 spend time supporting children who are at the early stages of their reading development, to encourage and guide them.




World Book Day

Reading ambassadors are always busy up to something. Today they were taking photos of staff for our newspaper editors to use in their next edition. Our Head and Deputy spent the day being a couple of Wallys. We also really like Year 5's theme - especially Bruce and The Trunchbull!

Has anyone seen our Head and Deputy?

Have you seen our Head and Deputy anywhere?



Reading Challenges

Reading Ambassadors regularly meet to come up with reading challenge ideas for our children to complete at home. You can see the results of these projects and activities on displays around the school.

Baking 2.jpg Baking 1.jpg

Baking 4.jpg Baking 3.jpg

October reading challenge ks1.JPG






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