Sports Ambassadors

Sports Ambassadors have been selected based on their passion for sport and PE, their abillity to lead by example and positivity, teamwork and encouragement.

They include PALs, Sports Ambassadors, Rocket Resiliance, Sports Leaders and representatives at competitions and games. We always select chidlren to represent our school for their outstanding conduct and behaviour before their ability.


Sporting Updates


County Chamions!

It seems as though our Girls Football Team are unstoppable, this year. After beating all the competition in Liverpool, it was time for the warriors to take on a wider field of opposition in the Pokemon County Finals at LFC's training ground. Some tough teams and hard won victories meant that girls were to face the other unbeaten team in the tornament in the final match. Despite the nerves, our girls came away with the championship trophy and their gold medals, winning 6-0!

Girls County Final.PNG


The Year 3 and Year 4 Indoor Athletics team performed brilliantly, winning their first competition, and the first heat of the tournament. We are very proud of their achievements after all of the early morning practise sesssions they've dedicated themselves to.

Athletics 3 and 4.PNG


The Dovedale Water Polo team enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Wavertree Aquatics, and came first place out of all schools! It was a hard competition to train for, but the dodgball sessions and the tactics meetings all paid off on the day. Well done team!

Water Polo.PNG


Our Dovedale Warriors performed brilliantly at the Everton in the Community's biggest ever football tournament (to celebrate the impact of the 'Lionesses' on schools). Many other schools' hearts sank when they saw Dovedale on the bill. The girls were brilliant and won every game, bringing home the trophy. 

Everton football.jpg

Everton football.jpg

Everton 2.jpg


We had 6 athletes selected to represent Dovedale at the County Cross Challenge for 2023-24. This was a national event and we are very proud of our children! All our children came in the top 40, which is remarkable, and we now have the fastest girl in Liverpool. Congratulations team!

County Cross Challenge.jpg

County 3.jpg


Our Year 5 and 6 athletics team performed amazingly well at two comeptitions. To begin with, they came second out of all schools in the heats, just missing out on first place! In the city finals, the squad performed brilliantly, and came 8th out of all schools. 8th out of 132 is fantastic, in our opinion!

Athletics city final.PNG


Congratulations to our year 5/6 girl's football team who won the Liverpool World Cup tournament, without conceding a single goal in any game!
What a fantastic performance, girls!


Our year 5/6 boys also performed brillinatly in their World Cup tournament, and scored a massive 9 out of 12 points!


Another fantastic performance by our cross country team at Stanley Park! Another first place for the girls and overall personal bests for the squad. Well done!



In their third race, the Cross Country Team performed brilliantly, with personal bests all round. We were delighted with a second for the girls, and Ethan jumping from 11th to 4th. Those Friday morning practises are paying off!

Cross Country 2.JPGCross Country 3.JPG


A first fanastic performance from our Cross-Country Team, who had an amazing first race. Gold for the girls, runners up for the boys and compliments from other headteachers on our fantastic conduct as a school.

Cross Country 1.JPG


Congratulations to our dogeball team for year 5 who came 4th out of a great number of teams in their compeition. The team were a credit to our school as usual and other teachers commented on the children's sportsmanship, their encouragement for winners in other schools and their lovely manner on the day. Very proud, dodgeball team!

 Dodgeball Team 2023.JPG


Congratulations to our cricket team, who won the Liverpool Cricket tournament with flying colours! Mr Kirkwood was most impressed by the respect that we showed to our opponents on the day. Humble in victory, displaying this key value of The Sports Games.

Cricket Team 1st.JPG


A lovely assembly, led by our sports ambassadors on how our school will get involved with National Sports Week. The ambassadors are encouraging participation in sport every day, not just in school but at home too. We're looking forward to the challenge!

Sports Ambassadors Assembly.JPG


A fantastic effort by our school hockey team, who came runners up in there group at the South Liverpool tournament. Mr Kirkwood was seriously impressed by the team work and passion of the team, who defeated some very tough opposition on the day. Team work and Passion are two of the Sports Games values that we and our sports ambassadors always encourage and promote in competition. Well done team!


Tobias, our year 6 Sports Ambassador has turned our School Sports Games Values into this inspirational poster for our school.

Values Poster 3.jpg


A Sports Ambassador meeting, looking at school sport values. The ambassadors will be feeding back to their class about what the values mean and how we can show this in PE lessons, and more generally around school.

Ambassador meeting .jpeg


Some of our lucky team got to go to the World Gymnastic Championships at the M&S Bank Arena. They watched the competition all morning and got a masterclass in gymnastics on the floor in the afternoon! 

gym stadium.JPG



Congratulations to our KS1 girls who represented our school at the KS1 World Cup tournament and won all their games!

ks1 girls.jpg


Congratulations to our Year 1 football team who are now South Liverpool Champions!

Y1 footballers.jpg



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