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At Dovedale, PE is significant to our journey, throughout and beyond primary years. From pupils' initial experience of physical education, to their future, using and applying their taught skills. Pupils experience a varied curriculum from Reception to Year 6 and the coaching and guidance they receive provides a skill based platform that benefits their future growth. The National Curriculum for PE has been used to create a whole school Progression of Skills that is fluid and enables both prerequisite and forthcoming learning to be accessed and followed. From this, these skills are then used to create learning outcomes for both teachers and coaches. Accessing, previous years skills and learning and adopting a 'what most pupils should already know' approach creates an inclusive curriculum, with teachers being able to quickly adapt provision so that all learners, including SEND and vulnerable pupils, can develop their skills and access their current skills.

EYFS and Key Stage 1 - focus on:

  • Fundamentals of spatial awareness, movement, and coordination
  • Develop children’s physical literacy
  • Introducing the School Games Values
  • Pupils learn to creatively express themselves through gymnastics and dance
  • Developing early use and movement of balls and other equipment
  • Working with others to send and receive equipment
  • Taking part in fun, enjoyable tasks that apply skills and accuracy
  • Improving stamina and resilience when undertaking physical challenges

Lower Key Stage 2 - focus widens and develops:

  • Building on EYFS and KS1 fundamental movement skills to develop agility, balance and coordination
  • Demonstrating creativity and control within gymnastics
  • Broaden children’s physical literacy
  • Applying the School Games Values
  • Adding technique and control when using equipment
  • Working within a team to apply skills in a game scenario
  • Compete against others in sport and athletics
  • Develop rhythm, coordination and balance through dance

Upper Key Stage 2 - focus further develops:

  • Demonstrating creativity and control within gymnastics
  • Using equipment confidently for tactical and competitive purposes
  • Demonstrating confident application of the School Games Values
  • Using fairness and leadership skills within a team
  • Consolidating and expanding children’s physical literacy
  • Working with others to allocate roles within a team
  • Using skills specific to sport/game to enhance technique and tactics
  • Working outdoors to problem solve and work as a team, when competing against others (OAA)
  • Adjust speed, pace and methods of moving to suit athletic scenarios
  • Send and receive with precision and accuracy


Using the Get Set PE programme, teachers and coaches deliver weekly consecutive lessons and support each other through professional dialogue, sharing good practice and assessment cues.  This adaptive teaching supports a whole school inclusive approach to PE, with coaches and teachers using their expertise to personalise learning and support those more and less able than their peers. Pupils that benefit from teaching intervention are then more confident when applying these skills in games or sports, which supports their physical and mental wellbeing. This approach and vision is emphasised further with all abilities having opportunities to represent the school in competitions throughout the year, through the Liverpool School Sports Partnership.

Furthermore, there are a number of approaches we take to implement our PE curriculum intent:

  • Pupil's achievements in and out of school are celebrated within class and during school assemblies
  • A variety of after schools clubs and extra curricular sports scheduled throughout the school calendar
  • School Games values implemented into curriculum with fairness, equality and leadership key themes within the whole school approach to PE to underpin our school curriculum principles: Knowledge, Skills, Experiences, Character Development and Oracy
  • Inclusive practice is integral to the provision of PE, where children can access sessions regardless of the sporting ability and SEND
  • Within the curriculum, opportunities have been created to revisit key areas of learning from previous years to ensure that skills have been built on and developed
  • The curriculum at Dovedale is well balanced between games, sports and skill based units
  • When games and sports are taught, rules of the theme are established to ensure pupils have good grounding to revisit this sport or further themselves beyond the school curriculum
  • Transferable skills are taught to ensure that they can be accessed across the curriculum and applied to different games/sports
  • Pupils are given an opportunity to complete in sports competitions against other local schools, organised through the Liverpool School Sports Partnership
  • Intra school competitions regularly take place throughout the school year to ensure children have the opportunity to participate in competitive sport
  • Pupils are given the opportunity to take on different roles within sports and games such as organiser, captain or referee
  • Pupils are assessed throughout the school by their teachers, once every term
  • Swimming skills are taught in Years 5 and 6 which meet a variety of needs


  • Pupils feel recognised and valued as part of the school community. This will support their growth, confidence and wellbeing
  • Pupils will access activities beyond the curriculum and take advantage of opportunities after school which will allow them to try new sports or continue one they are already enthusiastic about
  • Pupils will develop good values and principles that will assist them across school and in their future lives
  • Pupils feel successful in what they can do and use their prior knowledge and experience to develop and achieve their personal best
  • Pupils will connect to earlier elements of their learning and feel comfortable in approaching their PE sessions from a position of experience
  • The inclusive approach means there will be something within the Dovedale curriculum for everyone and this will help pupils identify their likes and preferences, to enthuse their PE experience.
  • Greater awareness of rules and tactics that can be used across PE
  • Pupils will feel confident in a range of sports as they will be able to link with skills that they have had prior experience of
  • Skills will be enhanced considerably with pupils competing with a wide range of talents, within and beyond the school gates
  • Pupils will have a greater awareness of different perspectives within sports and games which will broaden their knowledge and approach when taking part, giving them 'know-how'
  • Keeping track of pupils achievements against outcomes will prepare for teachers to adapt their practice to tailor sessions to suit individual needs
  • Essential swimming lessons in KS2 will contribute to a fuller skill development in achieving their goal of swimming confidently, 25m using a range of strokes and provide essential safety skills beyond the primary setting



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